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Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of bike do I need for BMX?

You can use any bike you feel comfortable on however no mountain bikes or bikes with gears. If you want to make sure that your bike is safe, ask any track official.

  • Please remove or disable front brakes, remove pegs, kickstand, chain guards or additional items that could fall off on the track or cause an injury in the event of a collision or crash.

How do I trial BMX before becoming a member?

We have an introductory participation program named ‘Ride In2BMX’. A couple of times a year we hold these days to open the sport up to new members.

Or to hit the track straight away sign up for a 4 month licence.  If you enjoyed your time after 4 months you can then buy a 12 Month Open, Sprocket or Mini wheeler licence. This licence allows you to race at all Australian tracks and your local track, take part in Beginner Clinics, practice on scheduled practice days and take part in all local track activities.This is a good idea for the racers that are “not quite sure” that BMX Racing is for them. This licence has the SAME Insurance Coverage as the full license and can be upgraded to the Full Licence at any time by paying the additional amount.

What safety equipment will I need?

Full face Helmet (we have limited stock for loan)
• Gloves (we have limited stock for loan)
• Long Pants
• Long Top that tucks into your pants
• Socks that cover your ankles
• Fully enclosed shoes

Race numbers and plates

Once details of your membership have found their way onto the BMX Australia Member Database you will be issued a race number by BMX Victoria.

There are a number of ways you can find your race number-

  1. You will be notified by email sent to the email address provided in you membership application.

  2. You can view your details on the BMX Australia Member Database. Once assigned your race number will be enter on the database.

  3. The Registrar at you club will be able to view your race number by looking at your member details.

  4. You can view a list of numbers issued to riders who have a current BMX Australia Licence by following a link found on this page –

FAQs Continued

Gate Practice Sessions

Sunbury BMX Club holds gate practice sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 pm until 5:30 pm. During daylight savings Thursdays will be run from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm. All licenced riders are welcome to come and train with us. A gold coin donation is required and payable at the canteen

We post on the Sunbury BMX Facebook page to confirm times, advise changes to scheduling or if practice has been cancelled for any reason. Always check prior to attending a gate session.

How do I order a club jersey or number plate?

Club jersey's and custom number plates are available for purchase through the club.Prices range from $60 for a jersey to $35 for a number plate. Please inquire at the canteen on race days or alternatively email to place an order.

                    Please click button below to view samples

Rules and regulations

Events and competitions sanctioned by BMX Australia are governed by two independent, but relative documents. The BMX Australia Rule Book and the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) rule book – designed to govern BMX on an international level. Copies of these can be found online at

What is an OPEN event and what do I need to compete?

An OPEN event is just like a club event but on a larger scale. Riders from all clubs around Victoria attend with riders split up into classes .e.g. Sprockets, Novice 8-9,Age class etc. Entry can be made via the BMXA website. For further information such as cost and registration cut off dates please refer to the Event Flyer issued for the open. Transponder(timing device that is attached to the bike) is required by all riders 8 yrs and older.These are available for sale via BMXV website or rental. Transponder ownership is mandatory for all Open license members.

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